Direct marketing puts your information right in front of your buyers. Whether you choose to use print mail, spa postcards or salon flyer to market your business, the rules for messaging are the same. Within the few precious seconds you have your audience’s attention, how do you get them to take the next step? Here are some rules for messaging when constructing your campaign:

Give them a hook: Talk to your audience like they’re your friend. Catch them immediately with some eye-popping graphics and a friendly tone that makes them want to read more.

Keep it short and sweet – Respect your space limits. Don’t over clutter your design with too much information. Edit your content to only include the most relevant information to your reader.

Find a way to measure your return – Include a special that’s unique to your direct mailing campaign. Ask them to bring the promotion in with them when they visit your business. Knowing how well it works will help you prepare for continued, effective communication.

Keep your audience in mind – Who’s your target? Sometimes you can forget this essential question while you’re in the midst of design and promotion. Mold your campaign to suit your audience’s taste.

Offer them something they can’t resist – Ever wonder why those 20% coupons work so well for those home items stores? Because they’re offering something buyers can’t resist. Close your potential customers with a promotion that puts more money in their pocket.

Salon Flyer Salon Reward Card PCS-1088 Salon Birthday Card PCS-1061

Most importantly, find a professional to work with who knows the rules. What size qualifies for postcard-postage and what has to be sent first-class? What are the rules regarding public solicitation? How do you legally use email to promote your business? There are so many factors regarding direct marketing that working a professional will alleviate the burden. No matter what choice you make, you’ll be happy when you make the investment to promote your business.

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