• Mar28

    Salon Marketing and Spa Marketing

    Brilliant Ideas and Plan to Attract More Clients

    Your salon or spa business can't afford to wait for walk-ins or for word-of-mouth to attract more business while your competitors aggressively scoop them up. Growing your salon business quickly requires effective and professional marketing and communications.

    Experienced and successful salon and spa owners know that simple-but-effective salon promotions keep traffic flowing, increase revenue and create community buzz. Before starting a salon marketing plan, there are three basic but essential elements that you need to consider in your planning... Read More About Salon Marketing

  • May16

    In the competitive world of salons and spas you need the right advertising in order to make yourself known. The customers are going to wind up at the salon the aggressively seeks them out. The way they choose to advertise makes all the difference.

    The key to attracting consumers is to give them a deal they can’t resist. The perfect way to do this is with salon coupon cards, salon gift certificates, and salon flyers. These are the type of business tools that will get you noticed and draw those consumers to your establishment. Here are a few salon advertising ideas that will get you started. Read More

  • May16

    If your sales are waning, and you want to drum up some new business (and drum it up fast) you’ve got to let consumers know you’re out there, and you’ve got to make them want to patron your salon or spa. With the right salon and spa promotion tools drumming up business isn’t all that hard, and certainly not expensive at all.

    Your salon promotion tools should include the following: Read More

  • May9

    Direct marketing puts your information right in front of your buyers. Whether you choose to use print mail, spa postcards or salon flyer to market your business, the rules for messaging are the same. Within the few precious seconds you have your audience’s attention, how do you get them to take the next step? Here are some rules for messaging when constructing your campaign: Read More

  • May8

    There are a number of different ways to drive customers to your spa, and promoting your spa is one of them. If consumers aren’t aware you’re out there how will they find you? Building a successful business starts with good spa promotion ideas.

    Who doesn’t love a nice day trip to a spa? Promotions are vital to good business, and spa brochures, spa gift certificates and affective spa advertising will all serve to get your business’s name out on the radar, and consumers beating down your door. Read More

  • May7

    Many small businesses rely on their regulars to keep the doors open and the profits flowing, but many more forget to build their relationships with customers through simple communication. Whether it’s through customized, branded emails, direct mail or by phone, staying in-touch with your client base is an easy way to guarantee they come back to your salon and spa to spend more money.

    Here are some “excuses” to stay in-touch with your salon customers: Read More